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A new, smart invention that indicates
whether the mailman has delivered mail.

Stor 3D printer som brukes til prototyper etc.In simple terms, this is how it works:

  • When the mailman opens the lid of the mailbox, the magnet covering the yellow metal disc fixed to the mailbox, is pulled away.

  • When the mailman then puts mail in the mailbox and closes the lid, the magnet is hidden inside the mailbox.

  • Now, you can see at a glance whether the yellow metal disc is visible, indicating whether or not you have mail. If it is not visible, then nobody has put anything into your mailbox.

  • When you empty the mailbox, you simply put the magnet back on top of the yellow metal disc, so the mailbox again will show you that it is empty.

This product is particularly useful when the rain is pouring down, or when the winter storms are at their worst.

Contact information:
Tor Finn Brannfjell
E-Mail: tb@isitec.no
Mob: 918 88 676

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